1966 F250 "Custom Cab" Professionally mounted on a 1975 F250 "Highboy" Chassis

This is a unique one of a kind cool old 4x4.  It is a 1966 F250 "Camper Special" on a 1975 Ford Highboy Chassis.  The previous owner bought the truck in 67.  He was a professional welder / fabricator / airplane mechanic, and did the conversion in the late 70's.  The chassis has low miles on it.  The truck is 100% rustfree and has spent it's entire life in California.  The body is laser straight, and doesn't have a dent in it.  The owner did drive the truck down into Mexico a few times.   He custom made the front and rear bumpers.  They bolt to the frame so if you prefer a more stock look they could be easily removed, and stock bumpers installed.  He even built a custom winch mount that can be slid into the front or rear of the truck depending on the situation.

This truck is a "Custom Cab" model, and has the factory storage zipper pockets in the doors.  He also says the seats came factory in the truck when he got it in 67.  He had them recovered, and installed all new weather stripping a few years back.  The seat look to be the same as used in the 64 - 66 Mustangs.  He did install the five way seat belts out of a DC10.  The interior is very clean, with no signs of having been smoked in.  He said he didn't install new carpet because he wanted to be able to clean it out easier.  The floor has some surface rust, but like the rest of the truck it is 100% free of rot or cancer type rust.  Even the bed floor and bed rails are very straight.  The bed side tool box is made out of galvanized steel so some of the paint has come off, but again no rust.

The engine is a strong 390, with a nice firm shifting C6 automatic.  It has power steering, and power brakes also.  I just put all new brakes on it from the master cylinder to all 4 wheel cylinders, and all new shoes.  The tires are are 33/12.5/16 that are dry rotted, (it needs tires).  This truck disserves a nice set of wheels and tires.

You will notice the extra gap between the cab and bed, he actually did that on purpose so when he was off road and the chassis flexed it wouldn't damage the cab.  In my opinion the bed could come forward a couple of inches and the rear wheel would be more centered and you could close up the gap some.  I did look underneath the bed (took some pics), and there is nothing keeping from taking the bolts out sliding the bed forward, and re drilling the frame.

This is a fun driving 4x4, and in my opinion putting it on a 75 "Highboy" chassis was an improvement over stock.  You wont find a straighter 66 Ford around.



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